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Movers Hub 24 is Movers and Packers in Sharjah, Best Movers Dubai, House Shifting Dubai, Packers And Movers In Dubai, Cheap Movers And Packers In Dubai Call us 0547836383. The most professional and trusted moving company we are located all over UAE. Our main goal is to provide smooth and reliable moving services to our clients. All kinds of moving like houses, offices, villas and stores are our profession and we are expert in these services. You can call us any time if you are looking for movers and packers in Sharjah our team is ready 24/7 to help you.

Movers and Packers in Sharjah | Movers and Packers in Dubai

In Sharjah, tons of moving organizations are there, yet not very many of them are enrolled and proficient. Assuming that, you are looking for a moving company in Sharjah that is proficient and dependable.

Then, at that point, we are your optimal decision. We have most expert laborers, for the most part, are Asian, who are uniquely trained in moving institutes.

The costs we offer are entirely solid and reasonable according to the nature of the administration. Our group is reliable and plays out their obligations on a decent time with the customer. We are capable north of 20 years in the movement field.

Who are the best movers and packers Sharjah?

In Sharjah, a lot of moving companies but very few of them are registered and professional. If you are looking for a professional moving company then Movers Hub 24 professional and reliable movers and packers in Sharjah. We have most professional workers, mostly are Asian, who are specially trained in moving institutes.

The prices we offer are very reliable and affordable according to the quality of service. Our team is punctual and performs their duties on a fixed time with the client. We are experienced over 20 years in the relocation field.

The manners of our team are very best and they can speak Arabic, English and Urdu/Hindi if the client giving instructions they can understand properly.

Are you the best house movers in Sharjah?

Mostly customers are looking for the best house movers and packers this why? because they have expensive house furniture and other items and they don’t want to destroy it by choosing the bad company. Make sure we provide our services based on the below points so you can understand our services properly.

Taking proper care of all items

This is very important task for us when we are moving your house. Our supervisor monitor every worker and checking the quality of the work every moment. We are fully responsible if any mistake happen from our workers.

Packing by good quality materials

The furniture and appliances packing is the most important thing in moving indstry. We pack all of your house items like furniture, appliances, kitchen items by using high quality of materials like bubble wrap and stretch roll to prevent any damage. As a best movers and packers in Sharjah we deliver high quality service to our clients. We put all your clothes, shoes and kitchen items into boxes and then unpacking services included as well.

Proper dismantling and fixing

As we have the best moving team in Sharjah our carpenters are fully trained for any kind of furniture, electronics and curtains dismantling and fixing. They use best tools to assemble and disassemble your items. They know where to fix the item like cupboards, lights and photo frames.

If you will be moving from your house and you think how hard it is then house packers and movers in sharjah can help you with that. We are very professional in this field that’s why we assure the every client that they will receive best house shifting services from us. You can hire us and we will assist you in the every process of moving your furniture; from packing your items, dismantle, and fixing it.

House movers in Sharjah also provide vehicles that can be use while transporting your furniture to your next location. We will do all the process of work for you. We will be in charge of taking care of your furniture and make it safe while transporting.

How to hire movers and packers?

Hiring movers and packers in Sharjah is not hard if you follow these factors while choosing a moving company. We have more than 20 years of experience in this field and I will give you the tips which will definitely help you.

Just go to google or any other search engine and search for the query of movers and packers you will get the very nearby results. Just call any moving company like us and tell us about your requirements.

We will send a supervisor or surveyor to check your house items and give an estimated price according to the quantity and distance of your items.

Get the price from a minimum of 3 moving companies and then compare their price list according to the quality of service.  I assure you that you will get our price offer budget-friendly. Obviously, everyone wants a cheaper price but asks for the quality of service as well. Because some companies are giving a cheaper price that they are not using high-quality packing materials but we use.

After finalizing the price, then it’s time to read the customer reviews and feedback on our company profile. This method will help you choose the best movers in Sharjah for you. Here are some questions about relocation services you can check as well.

Make sure to not deal with any freelancer and non-registered companies because they don’t have their own moving team they just take workers from the labor camps and do the work. Otherwise, you will face trouble in case of any problem.

What movers and packers provided services?

Movers provide furniture dismantling, furniture, and other household items packing, all house items moving and furniture, appliances like refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, dryer, cooking range, dishwasher, and curtains fixing.

The main assistance of the most expert and experienced movers and packers in Sharjah is moving the furnishings and gadgets. All moving organizations offer this assistance, yet some are proficient and most exceedingly awful.

The expert group covers all the furnishings and machines dismantling, packing, moving, and fixing all in this help.

We have proficient furniture woodworkers and handypersons. They can fix any brand new furnishings like sofa, bed, study table or hardware like washing machine, cooler and air conditioners. We make sure that everything which we have dismantled is fixed back properly.

Freight packing is difficult and unrealistic to do without help from anyone else. You need to call proficient movers and packers in Sharjah for freight packing because they have an accomplished and very much trained group for this kind of administration.

We give excellent packing materials like air pocket roll, container roll, paper roll, container boxes, stretch film roll, and so forth.

Our experts of movers in Sharjah further take these things to the seaport or air terminal since they take care of box huge trucks that are simpler.

Our workers have squandered evacuation administrations. Assuming that you have a few furnishings or electrical harmed things, you need to reuse them.

They will better assist with this since they know where to heave it and how to negotiate.

We pack all the titbit of your house merchandise, including garments, cookware, furniture, shoes, etc.

We have unique holder boxes for garment packing. Holder boxes are vital for garments packing since, in such a case that you press your garments on iron, so holder boxes are fundamental.

Furniture and appliances moving:

This is the main service which can make any moving company the most professional and experienced. All moving companies provide this service but some are professional and some are worst. The furniture and appliances dismantling, packing, moving, and fixing the professional team cover all in this service.

New furniture and appliances fixing:

As we have professional furniture carpenters and handypersons. They are able to fix any kind of brand new furniture or electronics like fridge, AC and washing machine, etc. As of now in the UAE 80% of companies provide this service.

If you buy something which is on the above list and wants to fix it. Don’t call the manufacturer to send someone to fix it for you. Because they will charge you much higher but if you call to nearby moving company in Sharjah maybe their team will be 50% cheaper than the manufacturer.

Cargo Packing:

Cargo packing isn’t easy and not possible to do by yourself. For cargo packing, you have to call professional movers and packers in Sharjah because they have an experienced and well-trained team for this kind of service.

Just provide packing materials to them and they will properly pack all of your items. Make sure to provide high-quality packing materials like bubble roll, carton roll, paper roll, carton boxes, stretch film roll, etc. They will also take these items to the sea port or airport because they have box-covered big trucks which is easier for them.

Junk or waste removal service:

Most movers in Sharjah have waste removal services. If you have some furniture or electrical damaged items and you want to recycle them. They will better help with this because they know where to throw it and how to deal.

Used furniture buy and sell service:

We have buyers of used furniture in the UAE. This service is a little bit different from our services but we offer to help our clients. If you have some items in your home like bed, cupboard, sofa, dressing, and dining table but you don’t have enough space to keep it in your house.

Don’t worry just inform us and we will give you a reliable price according to the quality of the item. Also, we have some items for sale like which are listed above. You can also buy from us because their price is not too much and you can easily afford to buy used items.

Storage service:

We have a big warehouse where we provide storage services in Sharjah. If you don’t have space in your house or planning to go abroad then we are the best solution for you.

Our service is based on square feet if you have less items then it will be very cheaper for you. Also we provide affordable prices for big house items. We are able to store upto 5 bedrooms of villa for months.

At Sharjah fast and simple moving – man & van service

Do you want to move your house or office furniture and appliances? If your answer is yes then you will search for moving companies. But what if you find a reliable and professional moving company.

Here are step-by-step details like service charges and work processes.

You can also get this information from our customer service desk who will answer all of your queries regarding movers and packers in Sharjah.

Step-by-step moving service details

Our services are simple and smooth you can know full details about our company within minutes. The first step of our service is to do a survey of the house and give you an estimated price.

The second step is scheduling a moving date. The client and company will check if they are able to do the moving work on the client’s recommended date. The fixed date will be not changed by the moving company and also recommended for the client to not postpone the date.

The third step is to open all furniture items and pack them properly. The well-trained furniture carpenters will do this work. We are the professional movers in Sharjah all of your belongings will relocate safely to your new house.

The fourth step of the service is to pack all of the household items with professional wrappers and packers. And make them ready for relocation by loading to vehicles.

The last and final steps are unpacking the furniture and fixing it along with home appliances. The labor team will unload the trucks and carpenters will start to fix all of your furniture and appliances.

This is the last and final phase of moving you can talk to the supervisor if you have any complaints or requirements. After finishing all of these steps you can pay the service charges to the company supervisor.

Service charges for moving

Moving service charges are not the same for every customer. It depends on the number of items, transportation distance, and quality of packing. Our charges are reliable and affordable as compared to other movers and packers in Sharjah.

You can get accurate price details once our supervisor checks your house items. Don’t worry about the price because our prices are affordable. You can also get a quotation by sending photos and videos of your items.

Here you can get just an idea but make sure that this is not an accurate price. It can decrease or increase once we check the items. For 1bhk house moving within Sharjah from 500 to 1000 AED. If you want to move from one Emirate to another then 500 additional charges.

About The Packaging

While moving your furnishings, we needed it to be moved most securely, bother free and harm-free. We esteem our furniture since we burned through a huge load of cash to purchase them, and we would rather not squander it because of the migration issues.

Therefore our laborers are specialists regarding pressing your furnishings and machines to assist you with effectively moving them to your next area.

Concerning pressing materials, our movers have their instruments and procedures on how they will pack your furnishings and machines.

They use boxes, container rolls, plastics, bubble wraps, bundling tapes, ties, ropes, and different materials they will use to get the well-being of your resources while moving topic.

Advantages Of Choosing Us

We look extremely direct and make long catch relations with our customers. That is why clients trust in our administrations and pick us for the second and third an ideal opportunity to do house shifting or office moving for them.

When we load the truck on the off chance that any additional things are impractical to take in one truck, then, at that point, don’t stress we will utilize our subsequent truck. We won’t charge extra for the subsequent truck.

There will be no additional charges on the off chance that one to five things are left from the primary truck. Since here and there customer things are not excessively yet can’t fit in one truck as our experts attempt to help you in charging less.

The furniture craftsmen can eradicate and fix a wide range of regal and extravagance furniture alongside machines.

Furthermore, our assistant’s group can do a wide range of packaging like house packaging, freight packaging, office packaging, and packaging for the warehouse. Our movers and packers are appropriately formally dressed and exceptional.

Frequently asked questions about movers in Sharjah

Read these below questions carefully if you are planning to hire any movers and packers. Here we covered all those topics which about you think. These answers are given by supervising team who receives it on daily basis by the clients.

What are the charges for movers Sharjah?

Charges for movers in sharjah is based on quantity and distance. It depends on which kind of services do you need. For the accurate estimated price moving company supervisor should do the inspection first after he can give you accurate price details.

Don’t worry the charges are not too higher for movers but a survey is a must. Sometimes the items are not too much but the quality of packing can increase the price.

How long do movers need to finish?

The answer to this question is depend on how many items do you have in quantity. If you have a large number of furniture and other household items in your house. Then we will inspect the items and tell you about the time that how many days it needs.

But most moving works finish in one or half working day only. But if you have many items then a moving company will tell you the time according to their resources and team. How long? it’s not a matter but the matter is how they provide service like the quality of work.

Don’t force moving companies to finish earlier because sometimes some items need proper care in packing and moving. If you force them then your items can damage.

Do movers and packers pack clothes?

Yes, we pack all of your household stuff including clothes, kitchen utensils, furniture, and shoes, etc. We have special hanger boxes for clothes packing. Hanger boxes are very important for clothes packing because if you press your clothes on iron so hanger boxes are essential.

Do movers fix the furniture?

Yes, movers are responsible for all kinds of items fixing what they dismantled in the location from where you moved. They fix all kinds of furniture and appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines, etc.

What is the nationality of the workers?

We have different nationalities of team workers mostly of them from Pakistan, Indian, Bangladesh and Philipines. But all are same in work you don’t worry about your items to be damage. They will totally care of your furniture and other items.

How to do you fix the rate for moving?

As a propfessional moving company in Sharjah our prices are based on the total items. Our quotation will be for the all items which are in your house. Mostly clients need price for trucks like they agree to pay per trip but we do same as our clients agree. First we give our offer based on the total items but if the customer don’t want to shift all their house items then based on how many trucks loaded and unloaded.


You can see a lot of business offices within Sharjah and seeing high buildings is what Sharjah makes more beautiful. This is also why best movers and packers in Sharjah provide office moving in case the office wants to be relocated within Sharjah.

The main goal of every moving company is to help to lessen the burden of the employers and employees when thinking on how they will shift their office furniture like table, chairs, printers, cabinets, pantry tools, and other things which can be seen inside the office.

Packers and Movers in Sharjah are there to help you in relocating your office. They will pack all the furniture using their very own packaging materials to ensure the safety while shifting it. Once they are all don in packing, they will load it into the truck which also provided by the moving companies in Sharjah wherein your office furniture will be transferred and to be able to reach the next location. They will also unpack it again and put it back just the way on how they look like before packing them. It will be just easy as like that so you don’t have to worry when you want office relocation within Sharjah.